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Tips for Choosing Dresses for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids in a wedding by many people are considered as important. Bridesmaids are also an important symbol in adding to the beauty of the wedding moment because generally the closest friend who accompanies the bride and groom in the direction of the marriage

Therefore, choosing a dress for bridesmaids became a detail of the bride and groom’s attention. The reason, they are the ones who will accompany the bride and groom on the way to the altar and during the wedding. The selection of mismatched bridesmaid dresses should be done simultaneously with the selection of her own wedding dress. The goal is that the concepts and themes do not contradict or appear to be disconnected from the theme of marriage.

Are you going to hold a wedding in a few months and are just starting to look for bridesmaid dresses but are confused about what to do? Do not worry! Follow these 5 things that might help you choose bridesmaid dresses at the SposaDresses:

  1. Look at your dress

Customize it with your wedding dress and overall theme. Is it classic, romantic, simple, or modern? Your bridesmaid dress must match the nuances. When deciding to wear a classic white wedding dress, you can choose a bridesmaid dress with a simpler yet elegant gown.

  1. Consider color

It can be difficult to determine colors for your bridesmaid dresses, so to make it easier, check for color trends. For spring and summer weddings, choose brightly colored dresses with attractive motifs.

  1. Choose dresses with different dress styles

For a truly unique look, try mixing it with a different style of dress; cold-shoulder pieces and Bardot necklines. The perfect way to let your bridesmaids themselves on your big day, that means everyone has to choose the style they like. Choose the same basic color to unite the whole group.

  1. Make sure your bridesmaids feel comfortable

If you want to play around with different dress styles but girls are not in the same height, it’s okay to mix and match dresses with short bridesmaid dresses, midi, or maxi. Choose dresses to match their individual style and figure.

  1. Remember the finishing touches

In addition to choosing a dress, remember to have accessories such as flowers to pull the entire display together at the wedding. The girls may have different bridesmaid dresses and jewelry flavors, but maintaining one color, such as silver tones, will help bring everything together. The addition of banquet accessories and flowers is also a characteristic of bridesmaid. And usually, these accessories will be stored as a memento.