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Graduation season is near! It’s time to get ready to look as beautiful and as cute as possible on your graduation day after struggling to account for your studies to both dear old people. On this graduation day, you have to look different than a normal day at college such as in wearing the Graduation dresses for college.

Why is that? This graduation problem is not only your parents who come and accompany you, but also of course you will get the best friends and also the mate (if you are still a hunter, you are looking for it). Not to mention if your mate’s parents come too, that’s a bonus!

So that you don’t look ordinary When you are graduating and want everyone to be amazed, here is what you should pay attention to on your graduation day.

  1. Use favorite colors

So that you appear confident on your graduation day, try choosing a shirt or a dress with your favorite color. The colors that are generally used are the dresses with pink or rose gold. Aside from being the favorite color of most women, this color definitely makes you look more sweeties and beautiful. For you guys, try wearing a bright color shirt such as White graduation dresses, so that it looks stunning when you are with your friends.

But if you want to be different, you can use dark colors. Not wrong if you want to use dark colors, but according to the same condition and color of your skin.

  1. Don’t overdo it, which is the important thing is flawless!

Apart from Graduation dresses, your make-up must also be noticed. For girls, you can get groomed which is not easy, but you have to look rich in grooming. Don’t forget to carve eyebrows, use matte lipstick so that it lasts longer and blush on is pretty thick, so that your face doesn’t look like a pale.

If you want to groom yourself, try to search on YouTube “graduation make up” or “make up for graduation”.

And for guys, it’s not necessary to use anything. If you use a powder or cream that is all kinds of things, then there will be wear off when you get dry. Don’t forget to bring oil absorbing paper! Let the right photo, your face does not emit a glow of oil that makes the picture less good. Do not have? Just ask a girlfriend.

  1. Accessories that support

If you don’t want to dress up the graduation like that and that’s just monotonous, try using accessories that make your makeup look cooler. For guys, you can add a long tie or a cute bow tie.

If your shirt is patterned, surely your tie is plain, while for those with plain shirts, try using a patterned tie. And girls, do not put the accessories on your outfit. The main thing is not to look so plain, but not too hard.

Also try using accessories in your head, so that there are decorations that make you look sweeter. Can also use a brooch on the collar or the most and the middle of your shirt. Using a choker necklace is also funny, so it’s a bit different from the others.

  1. Pay attention to your shoes

Generally, if you use graduation heels, but only according to your condition. If you don’t usually use high heels for a long time, it’s a good idea to use heels with a height of 3-5 cm. But if it’s normal, it’s free to use what the clothes are. The important thing is that comfort is still number one. For the color, if you can, match the color of your accessories or bags, so there is a comparison between your clothes and footwear.

And for guys, you should use dark colored loafers. Never use brightly colored shoes, rich in white. But it’s OK if you want to use your favorite sneakers. Guys are free! But still notice the color of the socks. Don’t let you use white socks, because that doesn’t work. You better use dark socks or at least match the color of your belt.

  1. Don’t forget to arrange your hair!

Your hair can be modeled in various ways so you look even better. Can be parsed, continue to give bangs. ponytailed, or permed. Don’t want it complicated? Just try being smashed or in a small round with additional accessories to add sweetness.