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Choosing the Best Flat Iron

The use of flat iron or tools to change hairstyles is often done by women. With the flat iron, hair can be shaped into various styles, such as curly, wavy, or straight.

However, excessive use of flat iron will damage the hair. Iain Sallis, a British trichologist or scalp expert, quoted from, said, “I often see women panicking because their hair seems to start falling out. But, in fact, their hair only breaks due to overuse of flat iron. “

Addiction to flat iron use begins when women use it regularly on high heat. “The flat iron is very easy to use so women become dependent on the flat iron. However, too much heat and without adequate protection makes the hair dry and curly, “said Sallis.

Along with the development of beauty technology, there are many flat irons being created that not only form various hairstyles, and also care for hair. Based on the information reported by, there are several flat iron brands that can form various hairstyles, as well as treating hair. Such as the Steam Flat irons.

One of them is Cool Way System Flat Irons. This tool can reach a temperature of 299 degrees Fahrenheit so it is quite efficient when used to straighten hair. “This tool is also equipped with a special cooling spray which is included in the set to help straighten hair at lower temperatures,” said Catherine Q O ‘Neill, a beauty news editor, as reported by

There is also an Agave Healing Vapor Iron. This tool is equipped with an oil infused heat or a moisturizing oil that is sucked out of the refill cartridge. “When you press the iron cover on your hair, oil vapor will seep through the small holes,” Neill said.

Philip Kingsley, a British trichologist, suggested using a hair conditioner after shampooing. This aims to reduce hair damage due to the use of flat iron. “Apply the conditioner to the tip of the finger, then wipe it evenly throughout the hair and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly,” Kingsley said.